The Journey


I'm Dyan, the founder + designer behind Cultural Detour. Each of my designs is created by hand, individually sewn and distinctly imagined with you in mind. Every fabric has a rich history and a story to tell.

With each design, I want to share with you the rich history of a country that I wasn’t born into but have come to adore. I’m delighted to create soulful designs from storied textiles that build connection between cultures and times past. We live in a world of fast trends and disposable wardrobes. A time when textiles are made in industrial factories by people we’ll never meet and faces we don’t recognize.

I want this experience to be something more for you, for your wardrobe, for our world. Cultural Detour pieces connect you to a greater story while celebrating sustainable fashion. Today, I delight in sharing that experience with others. I invite you to join me as we embrace imperfections and connect with new cultures and forgotten times. Take a detour with me and be inspired.

Matte Ne!

Soulful. Sustainable. Stylish