Okinawa Linen Persimmon Traditional Scarf

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Persimmon Dye   (Kakishibu)

Where sensibility and allure meet.

In a typical display of Japan's ability to marry beauty and practicality, kakishibu is born. Unripe persimmons are fermented then used to dye natural fabrics rendering them sensible and alluring.  Since the dye is fermented, it prevents bacteria, mold and insect infestations. This process also makes natural fibers more resistant to water and extremely durable. As it is impossible to replicate exact color results, each hand-dyed piece is a work of art like no other. All the fabric in Cultural Detour's Kakishibu Collection are vintage yukata kimono traditionally colored here on island by a skilled Okinawan then creatively transformed into accessories for your modern wardrobe. 

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