Inked Kimono Coat Scarf

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The woman that chooses a coat scarf is not typically a scarf wearer. She's not, say, a Jenny - oh, we've seen you Jenny and your 23 different scarves galavanting all over Instagram. But then, she sees the Shibori Coat Scarf and it is all over. She cannot resist the drape, the colors, or the time-honored kimono fabric and her mind wanders to the possible story behind it. She is now touching it, draping it around her neck, wrapping it, knotting it - oh heck with the luxurious fabric - the versatility alone is swoon-worthy! Yes! She is a scarf person! But fair warning my dear friend, that is exactly how Jenny started out....


  • 100% silk 
  • handcrafted and expertly sewn
  • fully surged to ensure no fraying
  • adorned with artistic logo tag 
  • approximately 7" wide x 72" long

Note:  We use vintage and antique kimonos, reimagined for your modern wardrobe.  Because they have journeyed through history, they may have some patina from their previous stories: light stains, pinholes, and creases.  We embrace imperfections, intentionally leaving beauty marks and patches to allow you to marvel at their travels.  Because each piece is as unique and spirited as its owner, each finished product will vary in size as well.

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