Happy Grey Traditional Scarf

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There is absolutely nothing AND everything traditional about this scarf.  You will look far too cutting edge for it to be "traditional".  Look at that lush drape, the savvy use of reimagined textiles, the lack of rules about how to wear one; each piece a one of a kind find.  Ooozzzing with modern style. AND, it is traditional.  It will surprise and delight your little black dress, accompany you on a beach walk and be nuzzled next your jean jacket at the wine bar - a new life breathed into all those outfits! Being fashionable never goes out of style.


  • 100% silk 
  • back in a modern chirimen fabric
  • handcrafted and expertly sewn
  • ethically made
  • adorned with artistic logo tag 
  • approximately 14" wide x 72" long

Note:  We use vintage and antique kimonos, reimagined for your modern wardrobe.  Because they have journeyed through history, they may have some patina from their previous stories: light stains, pinholes, and creases.  We embrace imperfections, intentionally leaving beauty marks and patches to allow you to marvel at their travels. Because each piece is as unique and spirited as its owner, each finished product will vary in size as well.

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