Cranes of Beauty Boro Inspired Versatile Scarf

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Boro fabric was traditionally used by farming families for everything from pants, to kimonos to sleeping coats to family bed sheets to household textiles.  Being true to the sustainable farming lifestyle, women would weave the patch, mend and repatch fabrics passing items down through several generations.  Our eyes come flying out of our heads too when we discover these little patch treasures in the studio.  In true boro fashion, we bind several scarps together to bring you amazing works of art that will live on for more generations.  Jaw dropping indigo shockingly modern. Epic. 

  • 100yr old indigo crane katazome fabric mix with original boro and kasuri make this a piece of art.  
  • backed in a modern 100 % cotton chambray 
  • wood buttons and Okinawan pottery buttons
  • artistic logo tag 
  • handcrafted + expertly sewn
  • fully surged to ensure no fraying
  • approximately 14" wide x 80" long

Note:  We use vintage and antique kimonos, reimagined for your modern wardrobe.  Because they have journeyed through history, they may have some patina from their previous stories: light stains, pinholes, and creases.  We embrace imperfections, intentionally leaving beauty marks and patches to allow you to marvel at their travels.  Because each piece is as unique and spirited as its owner, each finished product will vary in size as well. 

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